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Welcome to our new website!

This is a work in progress as we’ve completely reworked the 3 websites into one.

We will continue to be working on other items to provide the best services possible to all our users and thank you for your support.

You can now either download entire chapters (in zip format) or per chapter. All chapters are in pdf format for easy access and usage on all your devices. If you download entire Books, please be patient it takes a little time before it asks you to save.

NEWS – 2/17/2024

This morning, I pushed an update build of the website and added a bit more content. You’ll notice a few more links at the top that we will be updating over time. The main one being the articles. This section is going to take a good bit of time to convert into the new format as we must change a ton of links and update the articles one by one. To do that I had to push the update this morning in which case you might have noticed service drop for a bit. We apologize for that downtime but hope that you continue to enjoy our new website and plan to continue providing more updates in the future to fix problems or add more content.

It was also brought to our attention that printing directly from the webpage results in a single page. This isn’t avoidable at the time being as the pages are rendered in a specific way that I’m not sure that I could change. The expected way of printing out the content is to download the pdf itself. You’ll find the formatting inside the pdfs to be a lot better than the pdf2htlm versions sometimes, as far as layout and formatting are concerned. This is a side effect of the feature but in the long run better than the old website design and presentation. We hope this helps any of you that struggled with this issue and please continue to let us know of any issues you may find.

Thank you,


NEWS – 2/10/2024

We just wanted to let you know that you can now download the entire Books if you like. For example: go into New Testament. Use the red circle in the bottom right corner “tools” and select download. This will take a little bit of time as everything gets zipped up, but you’ll shortly be asked to download. Just save it where you like or if you have auto saved on just check wherever that location is and you’ll have the entire book offline. Keep in mind that doing this will become outdated over time as we make changes/updates to pdfs, but it can help you have the content offline for usage any time you like.

For those of you asking about changing font sizes, we won’t be changing the fonts of the websites overall. This would look bad on smaller devices but what we suggest is that you zoom in or out in the browser. To do so you can use control + mouse wheel up or down or control and the (+) or (-) keys.

Also, update on the articles and about me pages. Right now, we moved servers again and are making sure the backend of the website remains stable before making more changes. We do have a development server that we’re testing things on and will update the site when it’s done. If you ever notice the site is down it’s probably only going to be about 1 minute before it’s back, as we must restart the webserver on any major changes to the backend/frontend outside of content updates.

NEWS – 2/6/2024

Here is what is being done currently. we will be working on “Individual Subjects” which will take a while. This will be the 61 Articles that many have asked about. In addition to that, we will be working on adding “About Me”, and “Can You Lose Your Salvation”.

VERY IMPORTANT: Many have complained about losing the items at the end of a chapter about going to the next chapter or previous chapter. You didn’t lose it, but look at the bottom of the chapter you’re reading, to the right bottom corner of the page you are on and you will see a Red Circle with tools in it. Click on that red circle and you will see how to go to the next page.

NEWS – 2/5/2024

I’ve been working on tweaks to the backside of the new website. It’s causing some downtime, but I assure you we’re working on making this system as stable as possible. Sorry for the down time last night, a change to some configuration files caused the server to crash but luckily for us we have backups. They just take a little time to redeploy.

If the server is ever down, I can promise that we’re working to get it back online as soon as possible. Thank you, Robert.

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